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While you’re not likely to see concrete in bright green, neon red or royal blue right out of the mixer any time soon, you have certainly seen concrete of a different color than gray; either already installed in masonry or for sale at a gardening store. Concrete can take other colors that have an earth tone to them and this can begin in the cement phase – either the cement that is prepared will be a color different than gray and then blended with gray cement, begin with grey cement and have pigments added to it, or be further controlled with the types of elements quarried from local sources to become raw material for the cement if needed.

Color consistency during these processes can, naturally, become complicated and difficult to maintain, but with industry technology always moving forward and increased popularity for decorative concrete has made it so that many options can be explored to meet client specifications. Decorative concrete colors can be created with pigments during the mixing process or colors can be added once concrete is finished with staining methods.

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