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Concrete that has been professionally mixed, finished and already placed into where it was intended for construction is, with some exceptions, not sensitive to normal outdoor temperatures. If they were, they would not be used for road asphalt where it will absorb sunlight for thousands of days or placed deep in the ground to serve as building foundations for more than 3 cold months of the year each year.

Rather, temperature sensitivity comes into consideration before it’s been finalized. Because cement is very often poured in open air conditions, the pre-finished mixture can be weakened or corrupted with temperatures that are too high and/or moisture that is too low and either needs to be made during the coolest time of the day or will need other adjustments made to keep it cool and free from contaminants that could come from wind, rain and similar atmosphere effects. The same concerns exist for mixing concrete in cold weather as concrete in its plastic stage can freeze at temperatures below 25 degrees celsius and slow down the rate in which concrete can finalize to its proper strength, among other things.

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